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“Promoting compassionate dementia care through education.”

About Us

On July 26, 2018, the foundational meeting of the Board of Directors of Dementia Education Inc. took place at the Hen House Café in Inverness, Florida, a venue chosen in recognition of the fact that it was the first business in Citrus County, Florida to be trained and certified Dementia Friendly. 

It is the mission of Dementia Education Inc. To further the public understanding of memory diseases in ways that will result in better and more compassionate care for individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

All members of its Board of Directors have first-hand experience in caring for a loved one or friend living with Alzheimer’s or dementia, or have gained a deep knowledge of the disease through secondary training and experience.  In addition, each was chosen for specific training or professional experience to bring to the Board a collective diversity of useful talents and skills.

Dementia Education Inc. is dedicated to identifying and funding projects, publications, and events that will fulfill its mission to educate the public at large in a better and more accurate understand of memory disorders.

Its Directors have also dedicated their time and talent to other areas of public service throughout Citrus County, and carry this collective passion into the desire to make Citrus County, Florida an internationally-recognized center for dementia care practice, research, and learning.

Above Pictured: from left: Director Debbie Selsavage, Secretary Janet Mulligan, Vice President Bob Gill, President Ed Youngblood, Treasurer Lee Cooper,  Director David DeCarlo, Community Liaison Janice Martin, Director Linda Bemiss, Director Tricia Sheldon, not pictured is Director Gloria Jeannotte.

Contact us at:      P.O. Box 434, Inverness, Fl 34451-0434           614-519-2843